Secondary School Language Classes

Secondary Language Tuition

Language classes provide vital support and encouragement, which will mean a head start for your teenager. One-to-one and small group support supplements school classes and can help them attain the grades they need to succeed. Receiving extra language classes also develops confidence and self-esteem and can dramatically increase their employability.

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Language Classes for GCSE
Language classes for A levels

GCSE Language Support

Providing essential language support in preparing for GSCEs. Support in spoken and written language helps overcome anxiety when sitting exams and improves their chances of getting the grades they need.


A Level and As Level Language Support

Get into the university of your choice with the support of West London Languages. Attain the fluency and sophistication needed to impress the examiners and achieve the grades you need. With a fun, lively and engaging approach to language learning, it’s a great way to reduce the stress of impending exams and meet new and interesting people.

West London Languages

Mercedes is an excellent teacher and has been very helpful in preparing my son for his Spanish GCSE. She is very approachable and works extremely well with teenagers. I cannot recommend her more highly.

St Benedict's Senior School Ealing - Parent

Group Spanish Lesson take place at the following address:

52 Heathfield Road, W3 8EJ

(please enter using the side entrance, gracias)


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My daughter Francesca really enjoys her classes with Mercedes. We sought out a tutor to supplement her school learning and give her a confidence boost in Spanish. She is now top of her class, has chosen Spanish as one of her GCSE options and insists on continuing attending her sessions with Mercedes because she is enjoying them so much and has really discovered an enjoyment of the language which she did not previously have. Thank you Mercedes!

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