Nursery and Primary Provision

Nursery Language Provision

Boost Your Child’s Confidence in Languages

Help your child develop life-long skills and a love of learning. Having fun with languages boosts confidence without fear of making mistakes, encouraging them to go on to become successful independent learners. Our school language provision supports your child with the materials and expert tuition from native speakers of French and Spanish.


Experience the Joy of Learning

Make learning fun and give your child a lifelong passion for languages. West London Languages’ interactive, engaging and playful approach will make education joyful and set the standard for lifelong learning. Research has found that children learning languages from an early age, not only improve linguistically but also score better in tests for maths and English.

Primary School Language Provision

Curriculum Classes

Finding high quality, appropriate materials for language classes that are engaging and fun can be a constant burden. West London Languages provides a complete range of materials, ranging from beginners levels up to GCSE preparation and beyond.

The aim of our school language provision is to support you in delivering outstanding classes to achieve excellent results with teaching materials to inspire your students. Extra Language support can make the difference between passing and failing those vital exams. Supplementary MFL classes can encourage learning by making classes enjoyable and engaging, instilling a passion for communication.

Hassle-Free PPA Cover

Let us help you find the time for the planning and preparation you need. All our teachers have extensive experience teaching languages and are fully DBS checked to safeguard your pupils.

With all teachers required to have two hours a week for PPA, MFL cover can enhance learning in other subject and provide activities that are fun and engaging.

West London Languages provides the expert cover, award-winning materials and lesson plans in line with National Curriculum guidelines to allow your teachers essential planning, preparation and assessment time.

Extra-Curricular Language Classes

Ensuring all your pupils are achieving the grades they need is a challenging task. West London Languages provide extra-curricula support to inspire, support and nurture learners of all abilities.

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