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I am a mature tutor of fifty, with two children of my own. I studied French at Nottingham University and I’ve lived in France for three years, working as a translator and an English teacher in secondary schools. After a successful twenty-five year career in the retail industry, I wanted to re-visit my love of the French language.

I have been tutoring with West London Languages for a year and I love it! My students range from age five to fifty, so I have become experienced in adapting my lessons to suit my students’ varying ages and abilities. I like preparing additional arts-based worksheets to complement the course and to keep the children engaged. My lessons are lively and fun with a lot of games, mimes and role-plays, encouraging every child to speak and gently coaxing those who are reluctant. I make sure that all the objectives are covered and always make time for those who are struggling.

Ana Belen

My name is Ana and I was born in a small town in the South of Spain, I am a qualified teacher and my passion is teaching.

I enjoy every day with my students, teaching my language and having fun while they learn this tricky language. I love teaching my mother tongue and I also like to teach people to dance flamenco.


Born in Paris to Spanish parents, I moved to Madrid when I was six years old where I lived until 1983 when I moved to London. I have two children of my own and totally understand that captivating a young mind is the most important aspect of teaching. I’ve been teaching Spanish with West London Languages for the past four years and love to share my native language. I love art and am an avid reader. I have also just published my first novel.


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