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I am a mature tutor of fifty, with two children of my own. I studied French at Nottingham University and I’ve lived in France for three years, working as a translator and an English teacher in secondary schools. After a successful twenty-five year career in the retail industry, I wanted to re-visit my love of the French language.

I have been tutoring with West London Languages for a year and I love it! My students range from age five to fifty, so I have become experienced in adapting my lessons to suit my students’ varying ages and abilities. I like preparing additional arts-based worksheets to complement the course and to keep the children engaged. My lessons are lively and fun with a lot of games, mimes and role-plays, encouraging every child to speak and gently coaxing those who are reluctant. I make sure that all the objectives are covered and always make time for those who are struggling.


¡Hola! My name is Romina and I’m a native Spanish speaker from Argentina. I’ve been teaching Spanish to children and adults for several years. I have a background in Psychology and I’ve always been involved in the field of education. I love working with children because it’s different every time and continually challenges me to find new ways to make the lessons fun and engaging.

I like sweets and, as many Argentinians, enjoy eating pastries with ‘dulce de leche’, drinking ‘mate’ and celebrating friendships (there is actually a friendship day in Argentina, which is much more important that Valentine’s Day☺!).

One of my favourite movies is Groundhog Day and a favourite book of mine is Love in the Time of Cholera.

One big hobby for me and my family is music, singing and dancing. Music makes me happy and I think it makes kids happy too! So, I love to include songs in my classes when I can.

Ana Belen

My name is Ana and I was born in a small town in the South of Spain, I am a qualified teacher and my passion is teaching.

I enjoy every day with my students, teaching my language and having fun while they learn this tricky language. I love teaching my mother tongue and I also like to teach people to dance flamenco.


My name’s Marianne and I’ve been teaching children and adults in France, America and London in both French and English for eighteen years and have a natural love for teaching. I have an Inspection Academique accreditation for teaching French and English and have A-levels in literature and philosophy. I come from the South-West of France, close to Biarritz. My favourite colour was blue, then green and back to blue. Like children, they can vary. I love oysters and white chocolate. My favourite authors are Haruki Murakami and Philip Roth and I read all their books. I love all kind of movie genres, but one of my favourite movies based on a true story is ‘The Reader’. I equally enjoy a wide range of musical styles but my favourite is rock. I love the Doors for their amazing poetry. I like playing chess but haven’t done so for much too long. I’ve taken up knitting again. My hobbies are travelling, swimming and reading, in that order. I would like to have the superpower of never being tired.



I grew up in the UK, but have family in Spain and Austria where I’ve spent a lot of time. I’ve always loved learning languages and, as a result, I perfected my languages skills by working as an interpreter in the European Commission and Parliament. I interpreted at the trade talks between the EU and the Central American Countries, as well as at lots of other complicated summits and events. However, I realised my real passion was passing on my love for languages to my students in the classroom!

My favourite colour is turquoise, like the Mediterranean in Spain. If I had a super power I would like to have a teleporter so I could travel quickly to my favourite places in Austria and Spain. I love cycling and skiing in the Alps and I’m also an Austrian qualified ski instructor.


Born in Paris to Spanish parents, I moved to Madrid when I was six years old where I lived until 1983 when I moved to London. I have two children of my own and totally understand that captivating a young mind is the most important aspect of teaching. I’ve been teaching Spanish with West London Languages for the past four years and love to share my native language. I love art and am an avid reader. I have also just published my first novel.


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